Programs and Partnerships

Jeune Ayiti / Latin American & Caribbean Democracy Network (REDLAD)
Fondation Espoir’s Jeune Ayiti Network connects over 125 youth associations across the country. Along with the Champions Training Program, Jeune Ayiti’s achievements are: leadership retreats for young women, gender equality/ awareness seminars, national workshops on sustainable development, the training and coaching of political candidates, i.e. mayors, house representatives and other prominent political figures, two Leadership Training BootCamps, the organization of two Youth Congresses and the production of two short movies addressing the themes of national identity and protection of the environment. In addition to addressing issues relevant to local sustainable development and social entrepreneurship, Jeune Ayiti is a member of the World Democracy Movement and its regional platform, the Latin American and Caribbean Democracy Network, (REDLAD) which promotes democracy, civil society and human rights. Fondation Espoir is charged with mobilizing civil society in the Caribbean to ensure healthy participation at the 2018 OAS Summit in Peru.
World Democracy Movement

A Forest Grows in Haiti)
Fondation Espoir is proud to partner with Gabriel Films, Nicolas Cuellar and Ecole Superior Infotronique D’Haiti in the multi media production of A Forest Grows in Haiti. An original TV series in Creole made by Haitians for Haitians, A Forest Grows in Haiti is a classic love story that also addresses crucial themes such as reforestation and gender equity.

Global Shapers Community
!n 2014, Fondation Espoir, a member of the World Economic Forum, sponsored a team of Jeune Ayiti Champions who were among the winners of the Global Shaper’s Coca Cola contest, “Shaping the Future”. The Global Shapers is worldwide organization of youth under the age of 30, working to create impact in their respective communities. Currently, the Global Shapers Haiti team is focusing on the development of a mobile banking application to democratize financial interactions.
Global Shapers Community
World Economic Forum

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