About Us

The Beginning

Foundation Espoir was created in 1987 by Florence Bellande Robertson, Jon Robertson and Jean Robert Bellande with financial support from the California based Facts of Faith Christian Fellowship. Legally recognized by the Moniteur in 1995, Fondation Espoir has worked primarily in health, education, social communications and democracy building by developing its own programs as well as collaborating with national and international organizations to better accomplish its mission.

Fondation Espoir spent its early years working in the heath sector by supporting organizations such as Grace Children’s Hospital and partnering with Healing Hands for Haiti and Dr. Barth Green of University of Miami's Project Medishare to better serve the needs of Haitians living with disabilities. Fondation Espoir also has a longstanding relationship with the Fondation Enfant Jesus, having collaborated over the years on various health oriented projects.


In 2002, eager to reach its target audience of Haitians under the age of thirty, Fondation Espoir produced the popular call in shows “Jeune Ayiti” and “Le Rendezvous de L’Excellence” on RadioVision2000 , which addressed issues related to health, education, gender, democracy, civil society and social entrepreneurship. Thanks to the support of the National Endowment for Democracy, in 2005, Fondation Espoir channeled the positive response from the radio shows and created the Jeune Ayiti Network which linked over 125 youth organizations across the country and later developed The Champions Program, a leadership and social entrepreneurship program which has trained more than 1000 young leaders around the country and in the diaspora. To date, Foundation Espoir maintains a network of regional coordinators throughout the country who are active in municipal government and civil society.

Peace Building/Civil Society

Fondation Espoir collaborates with the Haitian grassroots peace-building organization, Lakou Lape promoting dialogue and youth activities in marginalized communities. Fondation Espoir is also active internationally as a member of the World Democracy Movement promoting civil society, human rights and democracy. As a member of REDLAD ( Latin American and Caribbean Democracy Network) Fondation Espoir is charged with mobilizing civil society in the Caribbean to ensure robust participation at the 2018 OAS Summit in Peru.